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Roof Insurance Claims

If your roof has sustained damage from a storm or another event, you might be considering filing an insurance claim. Many people don’t want to deal with their insurance company, which is why Impact Roofing provides assistance in dealing with roof insurance claims.

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roof insurance claims

Roof Insurance Claim Process

The first step of the roof insurance claims process is finding a roofing contractor to perform a professional inspection. The point of the inspection is to document existing damages for the insurance company and determine the total repair or replacement cost. The roofing contractor will also take pictures of the damage for a record.

After getting an inspection, you should contact your insurance company and file a claim. Your insurance company should send an adjuster to assess the damage. You will want your chosen contractor to meet with the insurance adjuster to identify areas that need repair.

Once the contractors repair the damage, your insurance company will send a final check for the roof repair costs. If you have a mortgage, your insurance will make the check out to both you and the lender because the lender has a financial interest in repairing your house.

Factors That Affect Roof Insurance Claims

Below are just a few factors that can affect insurance claims on roof damage.

Materials Used

Insurance companies are required to replace damaged roof materials with materials that are similar in kind. If you lose a few shingles that the manufacturer doesn’t make anymore, the insurance company may have to replace the entire roof with new shingles.

Damage Location

The location of the damage can also affect your roof insurance claim. Insurance policies should cover all continuous surfaces on your roof. So if your roof has damage on one side of its ridges, the company should have to replace the entire roof because the two ridges form a single continuous roof.

Date of Damage

Roof-related insurance claims must be submitted within two years. However, some insurance companies only give you one year to file your claim. You should consult an insurance agent to clarify the parameters of your policy in regard to the time you must submit your claim.

The Florida Legislature convened for a Special Session specifically to address property insurance and other topics starting December 12, 2022.

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Roof Insurance Claims FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about insurance claims for roof damage.

Are Warranties the Same as Insurance?

No, warranties are not the same as roof insurance. Warranties cover manufacturer defects and abnormal wear. They won’t cover a roof leak or other kinds of damage to your roof.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Damages?

Yes, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage to the roof, depending on the cause. A typical policy covers wind and hail damage, storm damage, and natural disaster damage. If the damage was due to a severe weather event, your insurance policy should cover your roof claim.

How Long Does It Take to Process an Insurance Claim?

It depends on your insurance carrier. The timeframe to pay or deny a claim is 60 days. In a state of emergency, this period can be extended 30 more days for a total of 90 days. Your insurance provider can request more information to determine whether to accept or reject your claim.

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