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How To Prevent Common Flat Roof Problems

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Trying to find how to prevent common flat roof problems?

The possibilities for homes with flat roofs are endless – from extended outdoor spaces to even potential home space. They do however come with a unique set of problems. Though their problems may be unique, homeowners should still apply the same basic logic when it comes to maintaining any roof. 

flat roof problems

How to Prevent Common Flat Roof Problems

Preventing issues with your flat roof sounds more daunting than it really is. While most people are more comfortable with the standard asphalt shingle roof, flat roofs follow the same general concept for preventing common problems. Let’s break down how to do this.

Perform Regular maintenance

Sometimes all this means is making sure you clean your roof consistently. Things like leaves, dirt and other debris are bound to build up on a flat roof if it is allowed to accumulate over time. Regular cleaning also makes the work lighter, rather than waiting and having to endure an even bigger, harder job. Alongside this, also ensure that gutters are not clogged so that they are working effectively and draining rain. 

A tip to enhance your flat roof’s durability is to apply a quality coating system, which can be so effective that it could extend your roof’s lifespan by 20 years. 

Flat Roof Repair 

When you’re doing these regular maintenance checks, do keep a lookout for cracks. These can be detrimental to your flat roof, so it’s important to have them fixed up as soon as you identify them. You’ll want to get the professionals in for this. 

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Professional inspection

Which brings us to the final point: getting a professional roofing company to inspect your flat roof’s health. Often roof defects go unnoticed by the untrained eye, and only really seasoned professionals will be able to identify areas of concern. In our experience at Impact Roofing, we’d suggest getting a roof inspection twice annually – once in the summer and once in the winter. This could be the difference between major and minor repair work and costs. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Flat Roof

Staying on top of inspections, maintenance, and repairs will help prevent these common flat roof problems. The good news is, Impact Roofing can help with flat roof maintenance, repairs, and replacement! We know how vital it is to take diligent care of your flat roof to uphold its integrity. If you want help with your flat roof, reach out to us today!

What Our Customers Say...

Aaron PorterAaron Porter
16:42 28 Feb 22
I had some damage from recent wind on my roof. I was referred to Impact Roofing by a friend and have been extremely pleased with their service. They were prompt, professional and took care of my repair to avoid further damage. I would HIGHLY recommend this company if you are looking for any roofing help! I will be using them myself when the time comes to replace my roof.
I DurneyI Durney
18:07 08 Nov 21
We were in a bad spot with a leaky roof down at work but being a small business owner I can’t afford to be taken advantage of. So glad we chose PFM. Brad gave us a great deal was professional and fixed everything in a timely manner. What a blessing.
Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson
20:04 11 Apr 20
Like many of the homes in the area, we had some shingles blow off after being hit hard by Wednesday evenings storm. There was not an excessive amount of damage, but enough that we needed some minor repairs.I spoke with a couple of different companies on Thursday. While they were friendly, their main objective was to take a deposit to put a tarp on my roof and try to get my insurance company involved.While considering the options I noticed PFM Roofing was completing a job just up the road, so I stopped off to talk with Rusty and his crew. They were happy to speak with me and look over some photos I had taken of the damage. After a short conversation he quoted me a reasonable amount to complete the repairs, and even better told me he could have it done the next day. Sure enough, today they showed up to replace the missing shingles and nail down any other shingles that had been raised by the storm.Overall it was a great experience. If you are in the same boat and have some roof damage that needs worked on it is worth your time to give these guys a call!
David GrovesDavid Groves
17:56 06 Jan 20
We called PFM to come repair the repair made by a less reputable company. I had some questions so the owner promptly reached out to me and took plenty of time to address them one by one. I could tell he takes great pride in his company's work and wants his customers to be 100% satisfied. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of professional roofing services.
Informed ConsumerInformed Consumer
21:26 23 Jun 19
PFM Roofing did a whole new roof for me. Competitive Price, Excellent Team, No problems, great people. Professional, respectful, courteous. On-time, kept me informed throughout the whole process. Well-spoken. Top-notch service and workmanship, excellent results, awesome cleanup! Brad and Chance are real Pro's! I highly recommend them for your Roofing job.

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