Trying to find out if the benefits of metal siding justify the additional cost?

Keeping your home protected and looking good are the most important functions of siding. While all siding will accomplish these main functions to some extent, homeowners often have a preference on various aspects of design and performance.

Depending on where you live, you may need to protect your home from things like severe weather conditions and day-to-day wear and tear. One great option to protect your home and keep it looking good for longer is by installing metal siding.

Metal siding is known for being an exceptionally durable, a fantastic insulator, and an energy-saving feature on your home. Let’s break down the key benefits of metal siding.

benefits of metal siding installation

Top Benefits of Metal Siding

Metal siding has many benefits ranging from strength, efficiency, and aesthetics. Let’s break down the top reasons we have found homeowners to choose metal siding for their home.

Strength and Durability

Being one of the toughest materials on the market, metal siding is capable of protecting your home against severe weather, pests, and just about anything else mother nature can throw your way. Metal siding often times has a wind rating of about 140 mph, which means should a storm roll into town, your home have more than enough protection.

Energy Efficient

You may have heard that metal siding is a highly energy-efficient material, which is very true. Metal siding is capable of keeping your home cool in the summers and warm during winter. Its high reflectance rate will do all the work for you to keep it nice and comfortable inside your home, while also protecting it from harmful UV rays.


The metal used for your home’s siding can be recycled once it has reached the end of its lifespan. When installing metal siding on your home, you can check what percentage of the siding consists of recycled materials and thus create a more eco-friendly home for you and your family.

Aesthetic Appeal

You might think that the only colors available for metal siding are bland greys which simply isn’t true. With a wide variety of coatings available, you can upgrade the curb appeal of your home while protecting it from the elements with any color or texture of choice! If natural textures like copper interest you more than matte grey, you’ll be happy to know that you can incorporate warm hues into your home naturally.

benefits of metal siding on your new home

Cost of Metal Siding

As you might have expected, metal siding is more expensive than your traditional vinyl siding. However, when you look at the big picture, metal siding will last much longer because of it’s improved strength and durability.

When compared to vinyl which is cheap to purchase and install, it can become easily damaged by severe weather, UV rays from the sun, and it can chip from impact (especially in colder temperatures). Metal siding on the other hand will last far longer which helps justify the additional cost.

Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if the benefits of metal siding outweigh the additional cost. But, if you are looking for a worry-free siding solution you can trust to protect your home for years to come, metal siding is the right choice.

If you’re ready to install your new siding, give the team at Impact Roofing a call today! We would be happy to help!