If you’ve ever undertaken a building project of any kind, you’ll know how easily these undertakings end up over time and over budget. If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement because it seems overwhelming, we understand. As Carmel’s trusted roofing professionals, we have provided some handy tips below to ensure that the budgeting portion of the project proceeds smoothly.

Get a Rough Estimate of the Cost

When you start considering a roof replacement, the first thing you need to do is start researching contractors and getting as many comparable estimates as possible. By obtaining several quotes, you can develop a better idea of how much the project should cost. Start by figuring out what options you have in a particular price range and use this rough estimate to narrow down your search to a budget that seems reasonable.

You can use this rough estimate to narrow down the contractor list until you find an alternative that you’re happy to follow.
Many unexpected events can occur during a project, so make sure to factor in an additional amount of money for those inevitable costs and delays. If the project goes smoothly, you won’t have to spend this money, but it’s worthwhile to put it aside as a planned expense. Plan around 15% of the total expense for unforeseen repairs or changes.

Don’t Rush the Research Phase

Roofs can last for up to seventy-five years, so there is no rush to start a roofing replacement unless half your roof has vanished. If you do have the time, make sure to make proper use of it.

Take your time to figure out the roofing material you’d most like to use, whether you want to make changes to your roofing structure and slope. Find out which style works for your home, as well as finding a reputable contractor.

By carefully considering your options, making sure they work within your rough estimate, you’ll be prepared for the project. This confidence will help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Try to Avoid Last-Minute Changes

If you’ve set up a budget based on a quote from your contractor, the chances are that unless you change something, the estimate will be roughly what you pay in the end. The best way to deviate from the plan, and blow up your budget along with it, is to make last-minute changes.

Once the project is underway, it is best to trust your research and avoid switching to different materials or making changes to the project. Such changes will only serve to delay the project and will certainly accumulate plenty of unnecessary expense.

The only last-minute changes that should be happening are when the contractor discovers deviations or damages during the project, which need to be repaired. A smart budget would already have factored in unexpected costs, so you should be able to handle these changes without ever going over budget.

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