Realistically, of course, not even the strictest program of inspections and preventative maintenance can provide total protection from the unpredictability of Mother Nature or the onward march of Father Time. Storms will happen, aging will happen, and the necessity for repairs will come around.

Doing spot repairs on your roof is an important method of keeping ahead of the game and extend the lifetime of your roof. There are several important reasons to stay on top of these kinds of repairs:

  • The sooner a problem is fixed, the less it will cost you, both in terms of the roof repair itself and any further damage to the building that results from roof damage
  • It’s easier to get insurance adjusters to cover repair costs when it’s obvious that you caught and addressed problems early
  • The condition of your roof will seriously affect property value and “curb” appeal if you ever decide to sell a property

Impact Roofing is a locally-owned roofing contractor serving the community since 1991, and we have a solid commitment to addressing your roofing issues promptly and effectively. We put a high priority on responding as fast as possible to new roofing requests, and when you contact us, you can do so knowing we’ll get on your spot repairs immediately.