Over the weekend of June 18th, several regions around Indiana experienced some pretty severe weather. As early as 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon, severe thunderstorms were spotted leaving White and Cass Counties and making their way to Carrol and Miami Counties. The thunderstorm was accompanied by heavy rainfall and wind speeds of up to 40mph.

By 2:47 pm, a flash flood watch was issued for parts of central Indiana as the downpour continued. By 3:16 pm, meteorologists began noticing that the storm had some rotation elements and kept a close eye on the storm in the event that a tornado develops. Fifteen minutes later, tornado warnings were issued for Blackford, Grant, Huntington, Wabash, and Wells Counties. A tornado was later spotted in Jay County, moving towards Ohio.

Image via wthr.com

In North Central Indiana, heavy rainfall, damaging winds, and significant hail fall rained down on the area. And several isolated tornadoes formed in the area as well. The tornadoes caused some severe damage in Jay County, near State Road 67 in Bryant, IN.

An intense storm passed over Marion County and was accompanied by significant lightning strikes and strong wind gusts. Hail the size of marbles and golf balls were spotted in Nora.

As the day progressed, bigger and bigger hailstones were spotted throughout the state. In Fishers, a resident recorded one of the trees on her property succumbing to the storm’s strength. Residents were encouraged to stay indoors out of harm’s way as the storm continued to progress.

By Friday evening, more tornado warnings were issued for Shelby and Brown Counties. In Hancock County, the storm downed another tree. Although the tree fell against the property owner’s home, minimal damage was done.

Severe storms continued over the South Central Indiana area, with the threat of flash floods significantly increasing. Drivers were warned to stay off the road and not drive through flooded areas. Some residents documented water seeping into their homes and establishments. Several businesses in Bloomington experienced extensive flood damage.

In the early hours of Saturday, the 19th, Duke Energy reported that 21 000 households were without energy in Indiana. They later reported that there were 627 active outages throughout the state, which affected more than 30 000 households.

Owen County was severely hit by the storm and experienced widespread damages. By Saturday afternoon, the county declared a local disaster, with several damaged bridges and more than 30 road closures throughout the county. In New Palestine, one resident took to social media to document baseball-sized hail which had fallen near their property.

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